Design Inspiration from Himalayas

Design Inspiration from Himalayas
The grand ice-topped Himalayan regions continue to inspire knowledge seekers and the natural beauty into documenting its various aspects. The name Himalaya, means “abode of snow”, that has inspired for centuries.
Snowy Himalayan
Do you relate to any of these words? In fact, the Inspiration of White AgateColor comes from Snowy mountain of Himalayas and the peace of Himalayas which is also a symbol of white color. 

The Color White and its Meaning-

According to Color psychology white color represents purity or innocence.
  • White is perky and can form a sense of space or add highlights. Usually most of the designers use white color inspiration to make rooms seem larger and more commodious.
White Agate Color Inspiration
  • White is also described as cold, bland, and sterile which also represent snow and mountains. Color creates a sense of sturdiness to fight in difficult situations like Snowy Mountain in Himalayan region.
White Agate inspiration with Mountains
  • The positivity white can convey include simplicity, freshness and cleanliness. The color white often seems like a landscape in the open sky full of clouds which symbolize a fresh start or a new beginning.
White Agate Healing Benefits

White Agate stone inspiration-

  • The white color of snowfall of Himalaya connects with White agate gemstone as it looks more pure and delicate and creates positive energy in our surrounding. Usually White agates' features are opaque and translucent.
  • The name Agate is associated with the river of Sicily named Achates, now it is known as the Dirillo River. White agate is a perfect choice to recognize how much others have chosen to give freely and feel high & concentrate towards their goals like the Mountains.
      White Agate
      • When you take a deep breath, stand in balance, with your full arms open and then release. The White Agate will provide you the same feel and pure healing along with instant access to higher realms.
      • The white gemstone will turn all the daily challenges into an easy gentle breeze. This precious stone will bring spiritual awareness into action that maintains a balance between earth and the sky. I admire the soft fawn and lavender color of white agate.

       White Agate Healing Benefits

      The Himalayas, snow, landscape and mountains inspire us from white color as it represents the purity and light in the environment. White agate will create the same positive energy to push us towards our goal.

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