Red Jasper

Red Jasper Slab – Protective Stone for Modern Décor – Mythological Stone with Healing Features | Stone Slab for Feng-Shui


  • Applications of Jasper Slab: Red Jasper can be used as an element of exterior décor for landscaping or embellishing entrance. It can also be used for flooring or constructing countertops or tabletops and looks classy when backlit                 

  • Red Jasper Stone Metaphysics: Historically famous for sacredness and strength, this natural stone promotes audacity & knowledge and becomes the ultimate life force for you.

  • Care Tips: Should be cleaned on a regular basis with soft and damp cloth. Abrasive cleaning products are strictly prohibited, as they may harm the lustrous texture


Modern homes or commercial spaces usually feature neutral colors and minimal decoration. Infusing the brightness of Red Jasper rock in a subtle environment heightens your décor in a unique manner. Popularly known as the Stone of Endurance, this type of jasper stone kindles the life force. Since times immemorial, the mythical stone has been valued as the spirit healer and a stimulator of fearlessness and insight. During ancient times, warriors used the powerful stone as their talisman during battles. The jasper crystal functions as a remarkable tool during meditation, owing to the soothing and pleasant vibe that comes with this healing stone.         


Red Jasper Slab for Home Décor

The therapeutic stone enhances the vibrant quotient in a contemporary space, whether home or office. The red-colored rock can be employed for decorative purposes in various ways. You can use the stone for flooring, for creating vibrant countertops or tabletops, or as tiles in your restroom. The red stone can make a brilliant decorative wall at your living space, behind the entertainment unit. You can also use the energy stone for the landscaping around your home or commercial space.


Red Jasper Metaphysical and Therapeutic Properties

Apart from increasing the decorative quality of your home, the energy rock also helps cleansing and revitalizing the aura. The red jasper gemstone is renowned for healing at both physical and spiritual levels. Considered as the Stone of Endurance, the metaphysical stone enhances energy, resilience, concentration, and persistence. Stimulating the Base Chakra, the therapeutic crystal activates the ‘kundalini’ vibe in all the chakras – helping purify the environs.           


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Buy Red Jasper Slab | Semi-Precious Stone Slab


Buy this natural stone slab to bring good vibes home and revamp your décor. Stone slab can be used for constructing sturdy countertops and tabletops.


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