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Originally intended to be an elegant setting for hosting and entertaining, the living room is no longer just a living room. It is also your ‘family room’ which entails more of a casual setting for everyday activities, like watching TV or lounging. So this multi-purpose room deserves an upgraded design and layout.

Are you thinking about adding elegance to your existing settings or starting from scratch? If you are in fact starting from scratch first get the settings of static elements out of the way like plugs, wires, doorways, sockets, etc. Once you have figured out where these elements are aligned in your living room, you can now focus on other elements, like furniture. Usually in living rooms, seating takes the main focus and then other elements are incorporated accordingly. HAUTE ARTE brings to you the best of fabric seating options ranging from Sofas to Ottomans. Various Seating options include:


  1. Ottomans: Ottoman adds glamour and makes it a perfect companion to your home décor- the perfect extra seating for you and your guests. The geometric clean and minimalistic design enhances the elegance of the space, pleasing anyone who walks in. Enhance your comfort’s style quotient with Aesthetic Ottoman furniture.
  2. Benches : Place the accent Bench at the end of your bed, in your living room, in your entryway, or set it in any space to create your comfort spot. Update your interiors with accent furniture and place this standout piece in any space to raise the luxury and style quotient and rest with comfort!
  3. Sofas, Accent Sofas, and Armchairs : The comforts of sofas & armchairs are essential in every home. Relaxing after a long day of work, reading your favorite book, chatting with friends - just got better! Let your guard down and feel the luxury with our sofas & armchairs - The perfect companion to welcome your guests, entertain your friends, and spend time with your family.

Our fabric seating options draped in luxe upholstery goes perfectly with our Gemstone Tables, to build the vibes of your living room - ranging from Tempting Coffee Tables to Spacious Side Tables and Hallway Consoles for all your needs. Explore our carefully curated selection and decorate your living room in style. Here are some Gemstone Table options: 


More than just a piece of furniture, Table is a place where you share a lot of time and create memories. It is a place where you spend time with your family and friends eating delicious food, a place where you have a lot of conversations with your visitors, a place to celebrate your birthdays. Let us help you discover the furniture for every style and taste and select the furniture to make your house an unforgettable place. Here is the range of tabletops we offer, so let us help your decide what exactly you want:

  1. Console Table: Designed for large spaces, like for lounges of hotels/restaurants, hallways, entryways, foyers, for placing your - televisions, picture frames, other decorative items, as dividers for your rooms. To provide a cohesive look, a console table can be placed behind your sofa or chairs in the living room. The perfect pedestals for your décor!
  2. Side Table: Extremely functional, sometimes slightly overloaded side tables are a perfect addition between two single chairs or as corner tables on the side of your bed and your sofa. The accessibility and functionality of the side table makes it so popular that your lamps, your coffee/tea, your phone, will all find a way to rest on it.
  3. Coffee Table: Living room’s prized possession - your organizer - “Coffee Table”. A coffee table, therefore, must be durable along with being sophisticated and elegant. So, go all out and choose a table which suits your personality and brings out the character of your room.
  4. Nested Table: The gorgeous trinkets that you have collected over the years can now beautify your place without adding much visual volume. A nested table helps you accommodate more in your life and you can even tuck it away when you need some space! Declutter and add a touch of sophistication to your room by getting a nested table set.


Precious materials such as gemstones/semi-precious stones, marble, etc are often used in spaces like bathroom and kitchen. Designing the entire home or office furniture and incorporating the benefits and healing energies of natural gemstones provides you added benefits - you not only get a beautiful piece of furniture for your home but also surround yourself with healing energies that are a part of your selected gemstones. These furniture are like a canvas painted by nature - untouched & imperfectly perfect.

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