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Never settle for less when you are designing your kitchen and dining room. Get sleek and stylish furniture that compliments the settings and furniture of your home. Whether your go for a modern vibe or a classic setting choose kitchen and dining furniture such that it adds elegance to your space. Experiment with different furniture styles to try diverse designs and looks. You can get all that you're looking for and more at HAUTE ARTE. While designing your spaces, never forget about a matching dining set too. Dining furniture though is a utility, accentuates the vibes of your home.


Dining Tables are the focal point of your Dining Area. Dining Table occupies a considerable space and therefore it must do justice to the space it is occupying. Our minimal and functional tables are more than just a piece of furniture; every table features a stunning gemstone which adds on to its beauty. The gemstones create an aura of healing and positive energies, making your experience more enriching and fulfilling. When choosing a dining table you also need to keep in mind the space available and the décor of the rest of the home space. Pair the dining table with perfect comfortable seating to enrich your dining experience.


Furniture can transform the ambiance of any space. Be it your room, your home, your office space, restaurant, it is essential to add the right furniture and décor to complete the look and feel of any space. Once you have purchased your Dining Table, you now need its companion, ‘Dining chairs’. While some chairs look great with dining tables, some look even great stand alone. HAUTE ARTE brings to you chairs that look amazing in every setting - great when paired with dining tables and stunning when placed alone. Our Sofa Chairs double up as Dining Chairs and fit perfectly with your stunning gemstone Dining Tables. Sit comfortably on dining chairs upholstered in luxury fabric.


For nights that fade into morning, for serving your guests on party nights, for turning gatherings into occasions, our barware takes the celebrations up a few notches. Pair your cocktail nights with our stunning gemstone bar carts and bring home to your ticket to become the host/hostess. Our Gemstone Coasters and Serving Trays also complement your drinks and help you serve your guests in style. So host your party and serve your guests right and set the tone of your party with our Gemstone Barware Collection.

  1. Coasters: More than just being decorative accessories, coasters are a thoughtful addition to your tables. And with our vibrant coaster collection, you can not only minimize clean up and avoid stains but also add a pop of color to any setting. Compliment your coffee table, dining table, bedside table, nightstand, or basically any other setting with our beautiful and elegant coaster sets.

  2. Bar Cart: Add a modern touch to any home with our dashing and stunning Bar carts adorned with beautiful gemstones. Ideal for a Cocktail night, Party, Afternoon Tea, and basically any occasion- bring home your ticket to become the host with our dazzling bar cart with a lovely natural form.

  3. Gemstone Trays: Minimalistic design combined with the beauty of stunning gemstones adds a dash of glamour and helps you serve your guests in style. Natural gemstone placed on a geometrically clean base lends this tray a feel of natural opulence. Amp up the luxury quotient of your space with our elegant Gemstone Trays.

    Adding more gemstone products and accessories to our collection soon...

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