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Bedroom is and always going to be your comfort zone! Designing your stress-free zone can be a stressful task, but not to fear because that is where we come in. With our hand-picked collection of stunning masterpieces, you can now set the vibe of your room with minimum fuss and maximum comfort. Surround yourself with luxury and healing energies with our curated luxury range with the beauty and healing powers of gemstones. 


For starters, try and identify the focal point of a room to make the space look spacious. Sofas and Coffee Tables can become the center of attention with textures, colors and patterns that fit into the space, enhancing it. Painting the ceiling in a lighter shade than walls also increases the sense of height. When the space is small, rather than closing the spaces with doors and hatches, prefer shelves and metal rods to store small items and accessories. To decorate your home spaces you can go for a lot of options. 


Here are a few of seating options to choose from:

  1. Ottomans : Ottomans are more than just foot stools or stools. Glamorous Ottomans are a perfect companion to your home décor- the perfect extra seating for you and your guests. The geometric clean and minimalistic design enhances the elegance of the space, pleasing anyone who walks in. Enhance your comfort’s style quotient with Aesthetic Ottoman furniture.
  2. Benches: Benches can add unique style to your space while serving the purpose of extra-seating. Create your comfort spot with our luxury accent Benches - Place it at the end of your bed, in your living room, in your entryway, or in your lounge. Update your interiors with accent furniture and place this standout piece in any space to raise the luxury and style quotient and rest with comfort!
  3. Sofas, Accent Sofas, and ArmchairsThe comforts of sofas & armchairs are essential in every home. Relaxing after a long day of work, reading your favorite book, chatting with friends - just got better! Let your guard down and feel the luxury with our sofas & armchairs - The perfect companion to welcome your guests, entertain your friends, and spend time with your family. Whether classical or modern, in fabric or leather, clean lines or elaborate design - sofa is in the spotlight of the living room: search our vast catalogue for your favorite designs and decorate your home in style. Our sofas come in rich styles to suit the interior décor of your living room.


Table is an essential part of any space. Along with the purpose, it is also a piece of décor that adorns the ambiance of your room. Be it a coffee table in your living room, a console table in your hallway, or a nested or side table for any space - beautifying the look of your home isn't like any complicated recipe in the world - all you need is your pick from HAUTE ARTE. Here is the range of Tables we offer, so let us help your decide what exactly you want for your bedroom:

  1. Side Table: Extremely functional, sometimes slightly overloaded side tables are a perfect addition between two single chairs or as corner tables on the side of your bed and your sofa. The accessibility and functionality of the side table makes it so popular that your lamps, your coffee/tea, your phone, will all find a way to rest on it.
  2. End Table: Perfect for holding snacks and drinks while watching TV or entertaining guests, for holding your remote, smartphones, books, etc. accent End Tables can accompany your sofa, your bed, and can even stand alone. With clean lines and minimalist design, End Tables are a perfect addition to your home décor.
  3. Coffee Table:  Though mostly suited in Living Rooms, you can definitely add a Gemstone Coffee Table to your bedroom décor. Coffee Tables are great organizers and pair great with a sofa, adding graciousness to that extra space in your bedroom!
  4. Nested Table: The gorgeous trinkets that you have collected over the years can now beautify your place without adding much visual volume. A nested table helps you accommodate more in your life and you can even tuck it away when you need some space! Declutter and add a touch of sophistication to your room by getting a nested table set.

Enhancing the décor and warmth of your home - HAUTE ARTE brings to you stunning gemstone Lamps. Adorn your Tables or place Floor Lamps in your home with our wonderful collection of lamps studded with stunning gemstones. Find Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Chandeliers, and stay tuned for more such wonderful lighting options as well as designs.
  1. Table Lamps: Adds positive vibes to your space with our gemstone studded Table Lamps. Handcrafted for maximum impact with a minimalism at its core. Add lamps on your Tables in your home and office space and enhance the luxury quotient of your rooms.
  2. Floor Lamps: Buy Floor Lamps Online for your living room, bedrooms, dining area, lounge, etc. Add this handcrafted excellence to your décor and bring home the power of healing energies - creating a positive aura about you.
  3. Chandeliers: Stunning and beautiful composition of gorgeous gemstone with minimal design. Dazzle your guests with your classy and beautiful gemstone Chandeliers. 

    HAUTE ARTE offers you a range of beautiful home décor furniture - handcrafted and designed with excellence. Enhance the luxury quotient and add comfort to your bedroom décor with our curated range of gemstone luxury furniture.

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