Haute Arte is a lifestyle brand. Founded in 2015, headquartered in Florida, USA with manufacturing facility in Udaipur, India, we strongly believe that there is true beauty in functional elegance and minimalism. Therefore, all of our designs incorporate the essence of minimalism with an equal emphasis on functionality, beauty, and innovation.

Years of research has gone into selecting our perfect design companions - Gemstones! Gemstones or semi-precious stones don’t just look stunning but they also come packed with energies. Our carefully curated selection of gemstones combined with our minimal designs looks elegant and fills your spaces with positivity, creating an aura of relaxation, luxury, and serenity.

Haute Arte wants to create spaces where people can enjoy, host parties and feel relaxed, surrounded by good vibes and an environment of healing energies. For the past five years, we have been continuously working with some of the biggest names in the industry. Supported by an amazing team of energetic individuals and a highly-skilled team of artisans, we strive to beautify homes, one room at a time. Our vision is focused on designing ambitious, luxurious, and stunning spaces for people who want the best - creating moments and experiences that will last a lifetime.


Chief Designer & CMF Specialist

Caring, Strong-Willed,
Ms. Professional

Aastha is our Chief Designer. She is a responsible manager, a compassionate human, a plum cake -lover and a Cat-Mom. Our Tea-Lover motivates everyone to do their best and is a one-woman army. Delhi-Girl Aastha is as bold as she is understanding.

3D Visual Designer

Commentator, Noise-Lover,
Mr. Dedicated

Dhaneshwar, our Visual Designer, is an enthusiastic individual with a happy-go-lucky attitude. He is soft-spoken and always helps people. Extra-cautious Dhaneshwar has never taken off his mask at office and genuinely wants to stay away from all diseases.

Accounts and Finance

Shy, Serious-about-his-work,
Mr. Always-Smiling

Pankaj is our Accountant and Auditor. The CA guy always puts his work first and loves sweets. This Pizza-Lover smiles when no-one is watching and shares Memes to let people know that he understands "laughter". Work-mode On Pankaj is a delight to be around.

Head of Content Strategy

Calm, Composed,
Ms. Ever-ready

Devanti is the Head of our Content Writing and marketing activities. She loves music, reading novels, planning her daily diet, and talking till your ears drop. You can never have a dull moment when she is around, always trying to refresh minds and learning new things.

Merchandising Manager

Always On, Hard-working,
Ms. Reliable

Aviral is our Merchandising Manager. He is a seasoned International business professional with multiple years of experience. He has a zeal to learn every aspect of everyone’s job and do it better than them one day. Caring and compassionate Aviral, cares for nature and living things alike.



Want to join us? At HAUTE ARTE, we constantly strive to push boundaries and drive our business forward. With an excellent team of talented individuals and artisans, we are continuously innovating and strengthening our foothold in the industry. We are looking forward to working with talented, hard-working, and inspired individuals - The people who want to make a difference and who want to be part of something big.

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