HAUTE ARTE is a lifestyle brand  and CASA ARTE is the producing company which is a major exporter of products, manufacturing in Udaipur, India. We are reputed for creating a world of luxury and an environment of healing energies using natural gemstones. At Haute Arte, we strongly believe that there is true beauty in minimalism and therefore, all of our designs incorporate the essence of minimalism with an equal emphasis on functionality and beauty. 

Years of research has gone into selecting our perfect design companions - Gemstones! Gemstones or semi-precious stones don't just look stunning but they also come packed with energies. Our carefully curated selection of gemstones combined with our minimal designs looks elegant and fills your space with positivity, creating an aura of relaxation, luxury, and serenity.

Haute Arte wants to create spaces where people can enjoy, host parties and feel relaxed, surrounded by good vibes and an environment of healing energies. Our vision is focused on designing ambitious, luxurious, and stunning spaces for people who want the best - creating moments and experiences that will last a lifetime.

Romil Dhakar

Co-Founder of HAUTE ARTE








A Pleasing Coffee Table That Will grasp Everyone's Attraction

A coffee table is like a center of attraction in the living that people notice when they enter the home. Here, you will find modern classy coffee table designs that are beautifully designed of premium quality, which will undoubtedly grasp many visitors. Choose the coffee table from an incredible collection of an eclectic, modern, and royal pattern from our designs at the best prices. Coffee tables are available in many different designs, materials, sizes and color. So, if you could spend some time to visits the best designs of coffee table then t would be great. Just get all the design in one click - Download button.

Classy Side Tables Online in India

From white to black, or round to square or any other shape, a side table offers a beautiful finish to the home. A side table is used to present the stunning figurines in the space or simply can be used to put day-to-day stuff like holding lamps, storing remote controls and many more. We offer a variety of side table designs that are available in sleek material, sizes and shapes. These end tables definitely enhance the charm of the living room and make guests or visitors swoon over your collectibles. So, it’s great if you can spend some time to find out the top designs of side table just in one click – DOWNLOAD button.

Dining Table and Console to Uplift the Decor

The dining table is not only comfortable but also it enhances the beauty of the dining room. These dining tables are categorized into different attractive designs based on various decors. Our dining are designed in different patterns that they can fully fitted in every person's need - a big family living in a bungalow or a bachelor sharing an apartment.

Console tables not only boost your home decor but also are highly functional. So, for your storage as well as decoration buying console is a good option. Hence, we offer both console table and dining table in a wide range of attractive designs. Go below the DOWNLOAD link and get all the designs.

Different Home Decors Items that matches your themes

A home is something you make it! So design wonderfully a home with artistic Decor and making it a place for plenty of memories to be born. Here in India, home decoration exists since the royal times. Home Decor plays an essential role in setting up the environment and ambiance of the home. A single change in the theme of lightening and color can blow its entire feel. Therefore, just follow your heart - we have an amazing collection of Home decor accessories so take full advantage and order the product as per your choice. So, Just go and grab all your desired products right here on - Download button.

Trendy Bar accessories 

With a passion towards perfection, we bring a premium bar accessories to offer you a lavish bar experience. Here we have a variety of bar accessories that add value with elegance. The qualities and materials of our accessories are premium and also lending a classy charm to the bar, our collection display ultimate bar design accessories that complement the art of fine livelihood. Here we invite you to feel the Bar ambiance with us. Click on the - DOWNLOAD button so that we can help you getting the Best Bar accessories.


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